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Nina & Logan -- Hermosa BeachGood news. I have updated the photo gallery with the latest pictures from the last few months.

Summer 2006 Photos




Logan's Commencement

Logan recently had his commencement ceremony celebrating his "graduation" from pre-Kindergarten to Kindergarten. This event reminded us of the following scene from Pixar/Disney ® the Incredibles.

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The Jilk (Jelks) Family Crest

People have always asked where my surname comes from. This source seems as good as any:

Spelling variations include: Gilkes, Gelkes, Jilkes, Gilks, Gilkins, Gilkin, Jelkes, Jelks, Jelke, Jilke, Jilk, Gilk, Gilks, Gelke, Gelkes and many more.

First found in Cambridgeshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: the name represented in many forms and recorded from the mid 17th century in the great migration from Europe. Migrants settled in the eastern seaboard from Newfoundland, to Maine, to Virginia, the Carolinas, and to the islands.

ETA declares cease fire

ETA in Heat ETA, Spain's terrorist group, has declared a cease fire. Hopefully they'll respect the cease fire this time and Spain can move on. From

La organización terrorista ETA ha anunciado un "alto el fuego permanente" en un comunicado remitido a la televisión pública vasca (EITB). "El objetivo de esta decisión es impulsar un proceso democrático en Euskal Herria", añade el "mensaje" difundido "al pueblo vasco". "La superación del conflicto, aquí y ahora, es posible. Ese es el deseo y la voluntad de ETA", afirma la banda.

María Teresa Fernández de la VegaCheck out the Vice Prime Minister of Spain (María Teresa Fernández de la Vega) ... maybe one too many cigarettes

David Beckham, Rhodes Scholar?

This one is too funny to pass up:
ENGLAND [soccer] captain David Beckham has confessed he is befuddled by his six-year-old son Brooklyn's maths homework

... The paper gave examples of some national curriculum maths questions set for seven-year-olds.

They include: "Bet went to the shop at 11.45. She came back half an hour later. What time did she come back?" and "What is 12 divided by three?"
taken from this story

New Site Theme

This site hasn't been updated in so long, so why not a quick style update?

Photo updates to follow soon.

-- MGJ

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