DSRL Theme Song

Wow. The DSRL League Theme song. Doesn't get any more cock-rocky than this...

Patriots go 19-0 ... oh SNAP!

Got to love the perfect season the Patriots put together. Oh wait, the Giants beat them?



Gymkata - Martial Arts AND Gymnastics

When Gymnastics and Karate are fused... the combustion... becomes an EXPLOSION.

Hot Rod -- What a Great Movie

Interesting Photo on Space Requirements for Cars, Buses and Bikes

This picture was sent to me by a friend. Interesting how the space requirements are visually represented.

[ * Click on the photo to see the larger version ]


I have recently finished work on one of multiple Drupal projects at work. We have deployed jackpot.com: a meta-site used to rate and review fantasy sports sites.

Our team utilized CCK and Views to customize much of the content. We also massaged a lot of the data using Drupal's PHPTemplating system along w/ judicious use of css.

Check out my new pen pal

Just got a great letter from my new pen pal Natalia the other day. I love spam email... don't you?

My name is Natalia.
how are you?
I find your profile and e-mail on a site of acquaintances.
I want to find the more friend and my love.
If you is real are interested, answer to me and we can begin our acquaintance.
A little about me. I was born 15 OCT 1979.
I work as the manager in the insurance company.
I want to find the man who can love me whom I will also ready to love and care.
And i believe, i can have all part of what you want in soulmate
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zaftig defined

zaftig |ˈzäftig; -tik| (also zoftig)
adjective informal
(of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump.
ORIGIN 1930s: Yiddish, from German saftig ‘juicy.’

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