My Quick Trip to New Jersey

Last weekend I flew back to the tri-state area for a quick trip to fix some minor computer problems for a client. I was able to stay in New Jersey and enjoy some of the local area rides.

Welcome to Fookin' Newark!!! ("It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." How Dickensian is this photo???)

Visiting the Northeast regional sub-forum, I discovered that Mayor Bloomberg decided to open up Park Avenue south of 72nd Street to bicycles and pedestrians only for 3 Saturdays in August from 7AM to 1PM.

View going south on Park Avenue toward the MetLife building.

As you can see, lots of people out and about enjoying a nice, scenic ride. I thought it would be fun to try and hammer it out for a few blocks. As I was returning, going a little too fast, a rider almost t-boned me as he was leisurely taking a left turn right in front of me. I was screaming "on your left... ON YOUR LEFT!!!" Fortunately I was on the folder so I was able to maneuver rather adroitly past this. Lesson learned, don't be an idiot and try and hammer when it's basically one big MUP.

Going back north up Lafayette

On Sunday morning, I took off early from Ridgewood to head to New York State, specifically, Nyack, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of pcad, the Road Biking forum's most famous raconteur.

Heading out from Ridgewood. Note the funny town ordinance that prohibits street parking from 2-6 AM

After a quick jaunt/warmup. I climbed the local hill that has a scenic overlook of the city (approximately 25 miles away).

City view is behind my helmet to the right.

Playing w/ the contrast to show you the skyline. It was hazy this morning, but you should see the Empire State building in the distance.

After traveling approximately 15 miles, I crossed over the border to Rockland County in New York state.

Pearl River area

After descending my 20th rolling hill, I arrived in Nyack. I figured if pcad rides here, it must be some sort of cycling mecca. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes of tooling around, I found it:

The Runcible Spoon

After refueling and getting some coffee, I headed down one last little hill toward the Hudson river and took some snaps:

Boats on the Hudson

More boats on the Hudson (Tappan Zee Bridge in the distance)

I finished goofing around and started the return trip. I thought this was going to be a straightforward ride with minimal elevation, but for some reason I was really feeling tired on the way back.

At the 31 mile marker, I took out a Nuun tablet and dropped it into the water bottle.

31 Miles, need some salt + water

Removing the Nuun tablet from the plastic ziploc bag

Preparing to drop the Nuun tablet into my Water bottle

Random Used Eyeglass Collection box in the middle of nowhere.

Almost there. Paramus is where mall hair was born.

Stopping by the old High School. Yes, it's true. More than one story and the lockers are located inside the building.

It turns out that what I thought was going to be an easy ride turned into 3500 feet of elevation. It wasn't bad, but after so many rolling hills and very few flats, I was happy to be back home.

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