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DSRL Theme Song

Wow. The DSRL League Theme song. Doesn't get any more cock-rocky than this...

Patriots go 19-0 ... oh SNAP!

Got to love the perfect season the Patriots put together. Oh wait, the Giants beat them?



Gymkata - Martial Arts AND Gymnastics

When Gymnastics and Karate are fused... the combustion... becomes an EXPLOSION.

Summertime Gallery

Take a look at some of the pictures from the late Spring/Summer of 2007.

Holiday Cards 2006

Make sure to look at the Holiday Cards from 2006.

Emily's Fouth Birthday

As requested, you can see the pics from the party.


New Photos

Nina & Logan -- Hermosa BeachGood news. I have updated the photo gallery with the latest pictures from the last few months.

Summer 2006 Photos




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