Real Madrid vs. L.A. Galaxy - Part II

The game is over. Yes, Real Madrid beat the LA Galaxy. Zidane was ridiculous with the ball. Unfortunately Ronaldo was "lesionado" so a no show from him. Beckham pulled up lame around the 58th minute, so it looks like he's done for the rest of the tour.

The stadium was packed and the crowd was very enthusiastic. An added bonus was the fact that I was seated right next to the Women's US National Team. They seemed suitably impressed by one of the World's top sides.

Real Madrid's in town - Part I

I just got back from watching Real Madrid practice at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. After a few laps around the stadium, the starters left while the 2nd stringers played a schoolyard half-pitch scrimmage. Weeeeee. Everybody looked pretty tired. I still don't understand why these guys don't get any time off. The strangest thing was watching Figo as part of the 2nd team. I guess they really do want to get rid of him.

Raúl going through the motions

I'm guessing next year's World Cup will be another affair where the fittest teams will be winning instead of the best ones. Anyways, enjoy some of the pretty pics!

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