Holiday Cards 2006

Make sure to look at the Holiday Cards from 2006.

Emily's Fouth Birthday

As requested, you can see the pics from the party.


Rosarito Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Ride

So we took a trip to Mexico for the semi-annual 50 mile Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride.

The giant Mexican Flag at the end of the ride (Finish Line Fiesta)

This was a nicely organized ride that takes place approximately 30 miles south of the San Diego/Mexico border in Rosarito.

It was a fairly well organized ride and the tips we received from the veterans were very useful. It was somewhat intimidating to say the least when we pulled up to the starting line only to see 6,000 riders ahead of us. Basically since this is a fun ride and not a race, there is a wide spread in rider experience. The first 20 miles is a hazard course -- you need to be constantly vigilant of all of the people weaving in and out. Around the 25 mile point, there is "El Tigre" that starts to thin out the pack as you go ascend 800 feet on a nice 7% grade. Andrea (the wifey) and I both made it up without walking, which was our primary objective. What they fail to mention are the 2 climbs after this one that are no walk in the park either. We finished the course in three hours and fifteen minutes.

New Photos

Nina & Logan -- Hermosa BeachGood news. I have updated the photo gallery with the latest pictures from the last few months.

Summer 2006 Photos




Mr. T

Remember the good ol' Mr. T cartoons from the early 80s? SNL has made fun of them in the past, but there's really no reason to. The originals are pure comedic gold all by themselves.

Mr. T is really good with Kids... not a frightening image at all. MIIIISTER TEEEE! Mr. T and his team of underage followers search for the "Black Box." Will they find it?

Soccer Humor

Here is some soccer humor. Since it's World Cup 2006 time, this is always a good one to show.

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